Mar 26, 2012

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Family Resources

Family Resources
Take The Family Challenge
 Read about it here

 Family Night offers a time of reflection and connection for you and your children.

Make it a Once a Week Event that each of you looks forward to.  Touch base with your kids, know what they are experiencing on a daily basis, play with them, spend one-on-one time with each child and let them know that they are valued,  loved and respected.

Resources are available for you through Family Ministries office at WCC and check our webpage for updates and new suggestions.

Our Sunday TRU curriculum offers weekly suggestions for family night.  Access them through the website or pick up your packet from WCC Kids office.  Email or call (949) 552-1101 for more information

BiblicalParenting/Spiritual Mentoring of our children/Passing the Baton/Staying Sane in an Insane World!

All bywords for the task that parents take on: birthing, and rearing children to be whole and healthy human beings who contribute to the world around them in meaningful and postive ways.  So often we see behavior as the measure for good or bad parenting.  How can we parent in ways that not only mold behavior but also develop a Biblical Worldview in our children?

There are no pat answers, but there are many tools out there.  This resource page will be updated with seminars, books and other tools that are available to parents who desperately want their children to not just reflect the family but to reflect God’s Family.

Family Summer Nights
Family Celebration Services and Special Events

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