Mar 6, 2012

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Heading Out – Missions Around the World

Heading Out – Missions Around the World

Kampala, Uganda.

Kidz At Heart International Ministry sent a trained team to Uganda to encourage and uplift students and leaders with ideas and informative teaching techniques.  A team of 6 from all across the United State, Canada and Zimbabwe arrived in Kampala, Uganda to begin a week long conference with 77  children’s teachers and leaders from 26 churches and 6 districts.  Workshops were highly interactive, fast-paced and funny as American humor was translated for local understanding.   The team often wondered just what the interpreter was saying when the entire workshop would errupt in gales of laughter.  Fortunately, the host for the team was on hand to explain.

What is something you want to share?  Being told over and over again by various attendees just how long and hard they had been praying for just this type of training.  The warmth and welcome of the people of Uganda is such a wonderful memory to hold onto.  The joy of worship, the thirst for knowledge, and the vibrancy of their love for the Lord, all stand out as a time well spent in ministry to the Ugandans.  Plans were introduced to bring a Leadership Academy to Kampala for ongoing training and education.  Our team was part of the planning meeting that brought church leaders, NGO’s and University administrators together to share ideas and dreams for this to become a reality.

 Worship under the Tent  Workshops Begin  Worship Together
 Kidz VBS   Kampala Leader, Grace   Ready to L.E.A.R.N.

What other adventures did you experience?  our trip to the Watoto Villages was amazing.  We arrived after an hour and half of driving West from Kampala into the hill country.  We were carefully scrutinized by a guard carrying a rifle before being allowed to enter the village and  our host had to be notified that we had indeed arrived.  The complex is vast and beautifully kept.  This village is one of several around the Kampala area which houses and cares for abandoned children and infants.  We visited the “Baby Home” where we played with and loved on the littlest ones ranging from 3 months to 5 years old.  Babies found in garbage dumps, babies abandoned at police stations, and hospitals, find their way to the Watoto village where they are cared for by nannies, and 24/7 carers.  They are loved, played with, nurtured and given not just life, but value through this amazing village network.  Mothers and children are placed in homes together so that the children experience homelife not institutional life.  People come to the Watoto Villages from all over the world to work, build homes, schools, clinics and facilities.  Some come as teachers, some as carers, many come once and then return over and over.  Each of the villages cares for groups of children including young boys and girls  who have been rescued from  being forced to train and fight as child soldiers.  Our team were overwhelmingly filled with compassion for these children and amazed  at the compassion and depth of care that they receive through the Watoto Church organization.  We were so privileged to be able to visit and see it for ourselves.

 Entrance to the Village  Village  Layout :Homes in the Village
Infant Room 6 months Plus Room Patio Play Area
Toddler Room  Crawlers Room  2′s and Up Room

Will You be going back?  Yes.  The training is only beginning.  The Leadership Academy (KAHLA) will need ongoing support, and in partnership with Kidz At Heart, local universities and Bethel, we hope to develop a dynamic group of trainers from both here and Uganda.  Our team felt like we only just scratched the surface of all that there is to do still.  We believe that we can bring training that will make a difference to the children’s learning and experiencing the Bible, in ways that will impact the future and strengthen the church in Kampala.


  1. Deryn van der Tang says:

    Sounds a really great gift – Leadership skills is what is needed to help local people help themselves.

  2. Thank you Woodbridge CC family and Marilyn for making this wonderful trip possible. It was my joy to travel with the team led by your own Marilyn Smith. She did an outstanding job of pulling this group together from three countries as we ministered to people from a fourth! What a blessing to see each person use gifts and talents for the glory of God and to bless the children of East Africa. Thanks so much!

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