Oct 12, 2012

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Who Is Woodbridge Community Church?

Who Is Woodbridge Community Church?


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Senior Pastor, Frank Winans

Woodbridge Community Church is a gathering of people from many parts of the world, who have been touched by the transforming power of Jesus Christ and are united in Him.  Please come visit us any Sunday as we gather together to worship the One who became flesh and walked among us.

Explore this site to know more about us – our values, our mission, our passion to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to people from all walks of life and from every generation.  If you are the kind of person who enjoys meeting others, whether from your neighborhood or from across the oceans, then you’ve found the right place!  Beginning February 17th 2013, our Worship Service starts at 10:30am, as do our youth and children’s services, followed by light refreshments at 11:45am.  Adult Bible classes are available starting at 8:15am &  9am and  again at 12noon, at which time is a children’s discipleship class.  Drop by our Visitor Center right next to the main church entrance; there you will meet caring people you can talk with casually over a cup of coffee.  Whether you have a question about God or the church, or simply seeking prayer and encouragement, this is a welcoming start to your experience at WCC.

Hopefully you will find Woodbridge to be a blessing and you will meet Jesus in a very real and powerful way.  The people are amazing at WCC, and I am proud to be their Senior Pastor!

Hope to see you here soon!


Pastor Frank Winans
Senior Pastor

for upcoming events and updates please go to our  facebook page

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