Jan 2, 2013

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Haiti Well Project Report

Haiti Well Project Report


Well Project:  Village of Bire, Leogane Haiti



The Beraca Community Development Corporation (BCDC) was established as a separate 501(c)(3) corporation in February 2002 by Beraca Baptist Church a Converge Northeast church in Brooklyn New York.

After the earthquake in Haiti, BCDC extended help to the village of Bire Leogane where churches were planted, pastors and church leaders trained, thus creating sustainable jobs and medical clinics were able to bring assistance to the population.

One of the projects of which Woodbridge Church became a partner was to build a well to bring fresh water to the families of the village.

The Well

Building a well in the village of Bire fulfilled the mission to transform a neighborhood into a vibrant community.

A well is a place where people gather not only to collect water; but it is also a place where people gather to share and exchange ideas, tell stories and make agreements. The well also serves as a source of sustainable income to the local villagers.

Population Served:

The well serves approximately 1500-2000 people who otherwise walked one quarter of a mile or more to obtain water. Usually the children were responsible for bringing water and the distance meant that school became secondary to the need to collect water several times a day for the family.


The well has been strategically located on the property of BCDC in front of the church.  This was chosen for several reasons:

1) It increases the opportunity for evangelism.

2) It gives exposure to other BCDC ministries in the community such as the medical clinic, micro-loan and motorcycle taxi jobs and pastoral training.

3) It aids in establishing BCDC’s long-term commitment to the community.

Managed by:

The well is managed by a trained BCDC staff person who maintains the well and assures its cleanliness and proper functioning to serve the community consistently.

Aside from providing clean drinking water for the community and allowing many of the children to attend school, our plans also included the creation of sustainable jobs.  The purchase of water bottles,12 ounces to a gallon, was made in order to select and train young men and women to go to the market place to sell bottled water thus creating a source of income that enables them to further their education in a vocational or technical school or save up for college.

The Well is built and the hopes and dreams of future Haitians rest upon the generosity of giving that enabled us to build and sustain this important and health giving resource to the people of this village.

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