Sep 11, 2013

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The Word Speaks – Wednesday Bible Studies

The Word Speaks – Wednesday Bible Studies

Wednesday  Inductive Bible Study Series 2013-2014.

We offer  a Wednesday morning study, The Word Speaks, at 9am.  This study follows a large Group/Small Group format and includes a time of coffee and fellowship both during and after the study.

The evening study follows the In The Word study guides and an audio lecture to compliment the study.

Bible Study is a discipleship tool that helps us  grow as followers of Jesus Christ through study of God’s Word.  We study in depth to know its historical and cultural context, and through a systematic careful reading of the words of God, “spoken” through His Word, the Bible, we are equipped and encouraged in our daily faith walk.

God’s Word tells us that His desire is to have a close and personal relationship with each one of us.  We believe personal study of the Bible is how we get to know Him.

The 2013-2014 year is studying the Book of Hebrews in the morning and  Judges through 2nd Samuel  if you select the evening In The Word track.  Both these studies, The Word Speaks and In The Word, looks at context and  the cultural nuances while exploring the historical narrative written dependent on God’s Holy Spirit for inspiration and guidance.

The study format:
Home Study:
Each person is invited to study the prepared lesson using  the Bible and the worksheet provided. (Approaching this weekly study as if it is the first time you have seen the biblical text).  Coming to the scripture without preconceived notions helps to avoid inaccuracies and assumptions.
Through prayer and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, each student will discover truths for themselves.  The Holy Spirit teaches through careful study and individual “aha” moments so the student learns to listen to His voice.
During small group discussion each group member is invited to answer the questions from their personal study, any notes from their own personal journaling, if they so wish, and are asked to share only from personal study done prior to small group.

Lessons are available for the following week during small group time or  in the church lobby during the week.  They will not be available on the website due to copyright issues, however, your leaders will email these to you if you would prefer to receive them electronically.

This Bible Study is led by a team who individually prepare their lessons each week, study following the guidelines asked of all attendees, and then meet as a small group prior to the Wednesday study, so that,  as leaders they are alert to the material, understand its direction, and are able to better assist their groups during discussion time.

Interested in joining this study?  Come visit us any Wednesday morning or evening, or call the church office (949)552-1101 for registration information or to request contact from one of the leaders.  you may also email directly to TWS@WCC

  1. I would like to join the study tomorrow. is it possible to be in Judy’s small group?

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