Our History


1970-1971 A church plant was established, “Irvine Hills Community Church” with founding Pastor, Richard D. Samuelson.  The church, meeting at Turtle Rock Elementary School, was incorporated as a non-profit 5013C.
1971-1980 Pastor Rich’s vision for the church was to be centered on Christ and His Word, teaching and equipping people to go into the world and share the Gospel on the mission field, in their homes and places of business
1984 After several rented locations, the church, now called Woodbridge Community Church (WCC) moved into its permanent home at 5000 Barranca Parkway in the heart of Irvine in Woodbridge with a new Senior Pastor, Dr. Andrew Acquistapace.
1985 A Bible study led by Pastor Sam Lacanienta soon brought many Filipino families to worship at Woodbridge.  This group grew so rapidly that they established an English speaking Filipino church and launched the Filipino-American Church of Irvine (FACI) with its own 5013C.
1984-1997 The ministry of the church continued to grow and staff now included Senior Pastor, Dr. David Beckwith, Associate Pastor, Dr. Michael Anthony, Youth Pastor Frank Winans and Children’s Ministry Director, Julie Beckwith followed by Michelle Anthony.
1997-2002 FACI, now under the leadership of Senior Pastor, Dr. Vince Arnaldo used the WCC campus on Sunday afternoons for their worship and fellowship.
2002-2004 Ministry re-evaluation brought a new vision of ministry centers and with it staff growth to include a Director of Discipleship.  Ministry staff now included Senior Pastor, Dave Beckwith, Associate Pastor Frank Winans, Youth Director, Erik Cramer, Children’s Director, Marilyn Smith and Discipleship Director, Marci Ford.
2004-2007 WCC began a building campaign, during which a gift of $2.5million was received to help expand the campus.  The new 735 seat auditorium

Slowly the campus takes shape

Building Begins

with nursery and staff offices along with a multi-purpose building were completed in June of 2006.  The original buildings were converted to Children’s and Youth Centers.  Pastor Dave retired and Pastor Frank Winans became the new Senior Pastor currently serving at WCC

2007 Pastor Godfrey Catanus was hired to build the youth ministry for FACI youth.  He was to become the Associate Pastor, 2nd Generation Ministries at WCC in 2010.
2008 WCC Youth Director Erik Cramer moved to Colorado anda new  pastor was hired to oversee all youth programs, Junior High through College.  after a short stay the family moved to serve the Lord  elsewhere and Daniel St.Clair and his wife, Liz, serve currently as Directors of Student Ministries.
2008-2009 August 2008, WCC and FACI joined together to worship as one congregation.  This joint worship reflects the multinational, multigenerational nature of the city of Irvine.  The first joint worship service of 2009 had people from 21 different nations joining together
2009 The church boards set a goal of September 2009 for a final congregational vote for completing the merger of FACI into the WCC church body.  Graham McGuinness joined the staff assisting in the needs of counseling, particularly “Grief-Share”, as well as the growing senior adults ministry needs.
September 2009

Official merging of the two congregations and FACI formally dissolved its 5013C to Converge South-West (SWBC) and transferred memberships through individual application.  The final dissolution of FACI was set for December 2009

2010 Woodbridge Community Church absorbed FACI, and all staff, budgets, and assets became a single managed entity under a church board that expanded to include 4 voted and approved members of the FACI board and their Senior Pastor, Vince Arnaldo, now WCC Executive Pastor.
Other staff changes emerged during this period.  A new Children’s Director, Jamie Witmer, as well as several volunteer staff positions including Director of Family Ministries, Onsite counseling services focused on teens and college needs, a Worship Team Coordinator and on onsite IT manager.Today the church is comprised of members of both congregations,  As well as families from another 20 nations around the world who worship together, “A church for all nations, tribes and tongues”, fully integrated as Woodbridge Community Church with a single 5013C non-profit status.-   Truly a reflection of the community of Orange County. 

WCC Campus