WCC College Connection

WCC College Connection 

Welcome to the Woodbridge Community Church’s college ministry (a.k.a. WCC College Connection)!  We are a fellowship dedicated to fulfilling what James commanded us in his epistle, to encourage one another and support one another by sharing in each other’s burdens, helping one another be shaped more in the image of Christ (James 5:13-16).  This commandment is essential especially for Christians enrolled in university.  The new opportunities and independent atmosphere Christian college students find while at college are blessings accompanied by a slew of temptations and challenges that, according to statistics, have led to numerous young Christians walking away from their faith.

The college ministry at WCC stresses strong relationships as one way to deal with these challenges while helping students pursue a deeper relationship with Christ.  Along with encouraging strong fellowship through events such as Bible studies, accountability, prayer events, and outreach/ fun bonding events, WCC College Connection encourages college students to analyze their own beliefs; so that they may be able to offer a defense to anyone who asks why they are a Christian (1 Peter 3:15).  We believe that it is essential for Christians to think for themselves and ask those big questions including:

  • Why am I here?
  • What is the purpose of life?
  • Is there really a God?
  • Why Christianity?
  • Did Jesus really exist?
  • What happens after death?

WCC College Connection desires for it’s college students to be involved in the community.  We stress evangelical outreach events where students are encouraged to go out of their comfort zone to reach the community for the love of Jesus and the lost.   Being uncomfortable fuels a faith that is dependent on God.  Additionally, the College Connection emphasizes outreach in the form of offering help to the local community.  This outreach, participated in Christian fellowship, is a powerful witness of Christ!

Question you might have:

What makes us different here at the College Connection? 

At Woodbridge we emphasize personal connections.  Pastor Frank Winans encourages the congregation to be active in each other’s life through small groups stating, “Who are you praying for and who is praying for you?”  The college group works at doing this.  We strive to be in each other’s lives which is easy to do in a smaller more intimate group.  Our leadership intentionally spends time with each person to be able to address individual needs.

The benefits provided by the college ministry’s size is complimented by the unique approach of mentorship/discipleship subscribed to by the church.  We emphasize intergenerational ministry, which means that the members of one generation provide mentoring for younger generations.  What a great way to share wisdom and invest in the lives of others!

If you have any questions concerning WCC’s College Connection, its events, or want to learn more, feel free to call Josh Massip (College Coordinator) at 949.433.3088  or send me an email .  Also, feel free to join our Facebook page called “WCC College Connection.”  Thanks for checking us out.

Josh Massip,

College Coordinator.

For more information, please contact, the church office.  You can also check us out on , like us! This is where you will see everything that is going on.


Tuesdays: Bible Study at UCI
First and Third Wednesdays: Young Adult Gathering @ Arnaldo home
Sunday Afternoons: Couples Gathering @ various venue’s

for more information please contact Josh at this address