Family Ministries

Welcome to WCC Family Ministries. 

We believe that God ordained parents to be the primary spiritual leaders of  their children, training and nurturing them so that they would know His Big Story and tell it to their children and their children’s children – (Legacy and Inheritance of Faith).

Family Ministries is not a program but a compliment of resources available to parents, grandparents and in fact all who are involved with children and youth, passing the baton, building the foundations, and ensuring the truth of our Faith to the next generation.  For great and quick parenting tips click here to take you to the Biblical Parenting Tip Hotline.

Here is a great resource,  Family Life

Available Resources:


 Couples Ministries
Single Parents Ministry
Teens And Parents (TAP)
  Education Choices Advisory Counselor
  Families Living Out Christ’s Kingdom (FLOCK)
Youth Ministries (Junior High & High School)

Check out this website…

Child Evangelism Fellowship



HomeFront Weekly available here



There’s No Place Like Home!

Vibrant Faith Ministries is excited to launch its newest online resource designed to equip and empower households in their faith journey.

When you log in to VibrantFaith@Home at you’ll find  all of the free tools, tips and resources you  need to build a strong Christian household.


Do you ever wonder what your kids are saying when they use their teen “slang”  Here is a link to a cheat sheet to help you stay in the loop and be able to monitor what your children are saying and whether or not it is time to step in and encourage them to revisit some of their language choices.