Ministry Specific

Children’s  Ministries
  1. Pray for our children and families as they read, practice and live out their faith in our world today.
  2. Pray for our preteens as they begin to develop a personal sense of their place in God’s Kingdom work
  3. Pray for our young families as they begin the journey of faith with their little ones
  4. Pray for our kids, they face many temptations, many questions about their faith, many reasons to choose unwisely
  5. Pray for our staff and volunteer leaders who give so much,  that they too will find time to discover their Lord through personal prayer and times of solitude
Student Ministries
1).  The students strength to grow and their faith to become solid and unshakable.2). Continual growth and understanding for the students in their relationship with Jesus Christ

3).  Pastor Godfrey’s continued healing

Family Ministries
That families continue to develop healthy relationships with one another through …a.  Spending time in God’s Word together.

b.  Developing Fun Family events to nurture their relationships and encourage each other.

c.  Praying for each other both together and when separated

d.  Parents exploring ways to learn “the how too’s” of being a parent by taking advantage of seminars and classes provided for them

Adult Ministries
The vision and mission of Adult Ministries is to be an encouragement through Christian Education opportunities to the adults at WCC.  Development of Small Groups, Bible Studies, special Discipleship classes and growth groups.  Please pray that …
1.  Adults find relational opportunities through current and new Small Groups2.  Adults are passionate about knowing God’s Word through Bible Study and intentional personal time with the Lord

3.  Adults are passionate in serving the church through finding their personal gifts and abilities and volunteering to serve

4.  Adults are passionate about reaching the lost in their families, neighborhood and community

5.  Adults are passionate in modeling life to the children, teens and young adults through mentorship, coaching and relationship connections

Men’s Ministries
  1. We, as men, would sense where God wants us to prioritize our time, talents, and treasures.
  2. We need men who are willing to champion several areas of opportunity and ministry.
  3. We desire more men to become more involved in the lives of church families and each other.


Women’s Ministries: Our mission is to encourage women with a sense of belonging to God and each other, to encourage women in becoming who they are in Christ, and to encourage women to bless others with the grace and truth of Jesus Christ
(1) Pray for the Women’s Ministry team as we plan events and activities.(2) Pray for us to meet and become acquainted with women who are new to WCC.
 Worship Ministry
1.  Pray that ministry is done each Sunday through the music and media provided.  That the congregation will hear God’s voice through the music
2.  Pray for the worship teams who minister so faithfully to the hearts and souls of the congregation.

3.  Pray for additional vocalists and instrumentalists to heed the call to serve through their gifts and talents.

4.  Pray for additional volunteers to help us with sound and other media on Sundays

Tell the Story Ministry: 

Our mission is to glorify God and worship Him by telling His Story.  We aim to do this by testifying to what God is doing in and around WCC
We testify to what He is doing internationally, in people’s stories, and serving as part of the tech team of WCC

1.  Pray that we fix our mind on bringing glory to God in all we do

2.  Pray for attentive ears to hear opportunities where stories can be captured and told

3.  As we start up this new ministry, pray that God brings, people, helps us cast vision and sustains us as we try out new methods and ideas